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Primary Sports Giants

Primary Sports Giants


Primary Sports Giants provide high quality PE, Teacher Training and Coaching to primary schools across the South East of Kent. A team of experienced PE teachers and coaches, they specialise in the development of sport for primary teachers and pupils. They also provide an array of sports events and sports camps for local children to enjoy.

Their key aim is to ensure all children are given a fun and progressive start into a life of sport and activity. A lot of their delivery incorporates Outdoor Adventurous Activity and Leadership, which helps pupils develop into well rounded participants.


  • Getting the right information about course participants.
  • Controlling numbers booked onto clubs.
  • Understanding exactly what parents are wanting to book.
  • Transferring the information onto the registers.
  • Having missing information.
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After speaking to Tom, Founder of Primary Sports Giants, one of their main issues with their bookings was putting everything together. For example, having to process the bookings and then create individual registers for each day became a struggle, as it was very time consuming. Having a manual system meant that important things could be missed too, such as medical history or small notes that needed to be remembered. These challenges added a strain, and Tom knew that good booking software would be beneficial for the business.


  • Implementation of Onside Live, which ensures all relevant information is collected before bookings are made.
  • Clubs created with minimum and maximum number limits.
  • Timetable makes clear what options are available for booking.
  • Parents receive booking confirmation and confirmation of payment immediately.
  • Registers feed instantly and directly from bookings and give access to all necessary contact and medical information.
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After looking into the challenges that PSG faced regarding booking and registers, we provided a solution in the implementation of Onside Live. The software allows parents to book on at any time and for registers to be generated instantly and automatically. This has provided an amazing admin solution, saving time, easing the strain, and ensuring that PSG does not miss any vital information. This has also ensured that all their booking and registers are in one system, so it makes it a lot easier to manage.


  • Parents can login to check their bookings.
  • Huge time saving for PSG, and quicker process for customers.
  • Easy to view class numbers.
  • Implementation process is extremely fast, offering an almost instant improvement in efficiency.
  • One URL link on your website and it is all there.
  • Flexible with payment systems.
  • Company branding seamlessly integrated.
  • 90% admin free.
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Through the implementation of Onside Live, Primary Sports Giants realised the following benefits:

  • Updating live information: At the end of every booking, parents are reminded to confirm all the information about their child. This ensures that all information is up to date and PSG know all the medical history and emergency contacts of a child. It also means parents can remove data that may not be relevant anymore. For example, a note from a parent added when they last booked 4 months ago, about care being needed for a recuperation period after a broken arm, can be removed.
  • Time saving: Having all the bookings feeding automatically into a register meant that Tom could put more energy and time into other things rather than generating registers and invoicing payments. It also ensured that all his staff had the register instantly, and they didn’t need to print them out, to potentially become out of date or present a data protection concern.
  • Implementation process was extremely fast : Tom said he was “surprised how quick and easy the process was.” It took less than a day to set up the Onside Live software with the PSG branding, and Tom saw benefits and results straight away. In PSG’s case all that was needed was a URL link added to his existing website. Then parents had instant access to the booking software, making it extremely easy and visible.
  • Flexible with payments systems: As a company you can choose the way the payments are set up. Our current preference is Stripe or PayPal, but the choice is yours.
  • Company branding: At Onside Live we customise our software to ensure it seamlessly integrates with your company’s style, branding and logos. This makes it look more recognisable and professional when clients log on to book.

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