We help you
manage bookings

for clubs & classes

Helping businesses, schools and childcare settings generate more profit

Our software helps take control of admin and makes things more efficient. Booking clubs and classes is simple, registers are simply sophisticated, and admin is simply solved.

Onside Live is simply software that works.

Booking is
A unique but simple user experience allowing customers full control of bookings
Customer user accounts
Beautiful timetables
Instant confirmations
Edits and changes managed
Balances recalculated

By making things clear and simple, customers are able to get all of the information they need to control their booking themselves, without needing to call, email, or message.

From creating an account right through to receiving instant confirmation of their booking, the process is automated. The system can also manage edits and changes to bookings seamlessly, without the need for anyone to get involved.

Registers are
simply sophisticated
Live registers primed for tablets
All medical information and food allergies
Safeguarding controls
Sign in & out
First aid and injury reporting
Site health and safety control

The booking system generates live, interactive registers that can be accessed by multiple users and devices.

Designed specifically for use on tablets to ensure all information needed is at the users fingertips. Makes registration at clubs or classes effortless, whilst still safeguarding all who attend. Registers provide instant access to medical information, emergency contacts, notes, first aid and incident reporting, secure sign-out options, as well as site health and safety controls.

Managing admin is
simply solved
Create courses and clubs quickly
Control spaces available
Age verification controls
Manage payments through your own choice of service provider
Childcare Vouchers and Tax Free Childcare processed

Because customers control their booking and because the registration process on the day is live, it means that much of the subsequent normal admin surrounding clubs and classes has already been taken care of.

The admin portal makes the creation of courses and clubs quick and easy. It controls available spaces, takes care of processing payments and provides real-time reports on real-time orders. It even has the ability to help manage Childcare Vouchers and Tax Free Childcare payments.

Designed with you in mind

Ideal for schools and childcare providers

School budgets are tighter than ever.

One of the best ways for a school to generate a significant income is by running their own wraparound provision. Normally this would be a daunting prospect and be admin heavy - It needn't be.

Get Onside

The information you need

at your fingertips

Seamless integration. Easily works with existing websites or social media pages by incorporating company branding

Transparent pricing. Process payments through your choice of gateway, no add ons, mark ups or percentages of sales.

Brilliant timetables. Easy for customers to use, developed to work on all devices giving a seamless booking experience

Reports made easy. Financial, attendance or booking patterns, accessing useful performance information is effortless.

No more manual processing. Instant confirmations, auto generated invoices, receipts and customer booking history.

Childcare Voucher friendly. Simplifying the tricky process of dealing with Childcare Voucher and Tax Free Childcare payments.

Paperless registers.
Interactive, live registers capable of applying notes and reporting incidents.

News & Reviews

Onside in Action

Through Onside Live, other businesses both big and small can enjoy the benefits too.
Take a look at the case studies, reviews and articles to find out how businesses we are already working with are benefitting.

See what everyone is saying

Don’t just take our word for it

I'm not sure how we would have carried on running the programme without Onside Live. I would recommend it to any schools or companies running multiple clubs and activities.

Amanda Parks, WAM Wraparound Manager

With so many safeguarding needs to cover, this system ensures all required details are completed and up to date at all times. We use the system in an education and out-of-school setting and have found it very flexible for our needs.

Tom, Founder of Sports Giants

The amount of admin and workload that has been taken away has meant that staff have been able to take on other roles in school which has made our wraparound even more successful.

Milverton Primary School

The system has been a life saver for us.
It makes our lives so much easier.

Rob Denness, Strive PE and Sports

We were hugely overwhelmed, but with the help of Onside Live we were able to see a clear vision of where our club could go and what it could do for our community, taking our wraparound care in-house has been a revelation for us.

Katy Braley, Priors Field Primary School

We have been using Onside Live for over two years now and it has been incredible.

WAM Wraparound

The system is brilliant! I'm surprised with how easy it is to use and it's very helpful that we can access it on our iPhones. Thanks Team.

L.Humphries, Parent

The money we bring in allows us to think about aspirational projects like improving the sports field or creating a nurture room; everything that will make our school an even better place to be.

Priors Field Primary School

The electronic registers are great, it helps everything run smoothly. Being able to access important information and messages so quickly is very useful.

S.Rellis, Staff
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